Bringing Ranching and Cooking Together

Ranch Mom Wellness

I'm Melissa, the gal behind Ranch Mom Wellness.

I love cooking, cows & being a mom!

Raising my family, we have always had access to organic produce and homegrown meats. I started Ranch Mom Wellness because I noticed many families don’t have access to locally grown, healthy meals at an affordable price tag. Eating processed foods full of refined sugar, chemicals and preservatives has become ‘normal’.

I wanted to bring households back to the basics. Nutritional meals where you have the knowledge how it was raised & where it was grown.

Ranch Mom Wellness offers a range of home and locally grown products.

We offer meats, farm to table. A range of cuts in beef, pork, chicken and turkey. All meat is pasture raised and free-range. Our beef is grass fed, while chickens, turkeys and pork are fed a mix of garden veggies and grains. 

We also have a range of vegetables, garden fresh. We offer seasonal produce packages or we can save a place in the garden to plant your favorite veggies! 

Bringing all your meals together we offer Epicure herbs and spices. Canadian made seasoning, giving your healthy meals a delicious taste. 

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Seasoning & spices.


Farm to table.


Garden fresh.


Healthy, quick & easy.

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