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WHOA GIRL, maybe its time for you to unwind

The last couple of years have been tough. I mean so many people I know are feeling completely spent. Theyre frazzled, exhausted, disappointed, and quite frankly unwell.

Are you feeling the same?

Hi, my name is Melissa Falconer. A few years ago I was burnt out, exhausted, and feeling like a real nag.


I decided it was time for me to start horseback riding again. To be honest, it had been quite some time. I’d been focusing on raising my family and taking care of our family ranch with my husband. Despite the never ending chore list, I decided it was time for some equine therapy for myself.

So, I made sure that every day I got some time with my horses. Some days, all I could manage was grooming them. But, over time, as I started to realize I was reconnecting with myself, I started taking longer and longer rides. The more I did that, the better my health, my outlook on life, my energy level, and the better wife and mom I became.

Melissa and her horse

And now, I want to help other women experience the same thing.

Have you thought about getting in the saddle again? Or just trying something new? Letting go of all life’s troubles and taking in some beautiful scenery with a sure footed safe horse?

Riding with me, an experienced horsewoman, you’ll feel safe, relaxed, and able to reconnect with yourself. And, you’ll make some new friends, enjoy a home cooked meal, and beautiful scenery.

I offer one on one sessions, or, starting January 10th I’m offering small group experiences.

We’ll start off with connecting with each other to set our group and individual intention for our experience. Then, you’ll meet my equine friends and we will have a short lesson on the ground.

Our Horses - Sweet Grass Ranch

When everyone is comfortable, we will head off on our ride together. Once we get back, we will enjoy a nice dinner together – home cooking at its finest.

We will wrap up our day with a group journaling session and the opportunity to share what you experienced.

This VIP experience is limited to 4 guests and priced at $200/each. To secure your spot, send payment to gmfalconer@hotmail.com.

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