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Sweet Grass Ranch

A family-run commercial and purebred Simmental operation and ProRich Seeds Rep Genex Rep Garden Fresh Veggies Farm to Table Meats

Ranching Family in Manitoba, Canada.

Sweet Grass Ranch is a family-run farming operation based out of Hartney, Manitoba. We manage both a purebred Simmental, and a commercial cow-calf operation, as well as offer ProRich Seeds and Genex herd supplies to fellow farmers in the community. 

When breeding our purebred Simmental, we focus on raising cattle for cattlemen. Our cattle are not pampered and must work for themselves. The cattle industry is paid by the pound, something we work with everyday with our Simi-Angus commercial cow herd, so we understand the value of raising an animal with plenty of growth, sound structure and feed efficiency.

We also offer meats and fresh produce directly off the ranch with: Ranch Mom Wellness. We offer a range of products, from chicken, turkey, pork, beef and fresh garden vegetables. Everything home and locally grown. 

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